Intelligent Knowledge Base – Power the Heart of CX

A Knowledge Base solution is key to meeting rising customer expectations now and in the future. Reduce customer effort by enabling customers to easily find correct answers to everyday questions on-line with self-service, and release your customer service agents to deal with more complex high-value enquiries whilst empowering them to quickly respond on every channel and drive operational efficiency.

Embrace a more dynamic approach to creating, sharing, and updating knowledge with a well-maintained accessible Knowledge Base solution that will encompass and organise frequently asked questions, templates, process guides, video demonstrations, articles and more.

Improve CX with a self-learning Knowledge Base powered by machine learning and natural language processing, and seamlessly integrate your content across all channels.

Accurate answers first time, every time, for everyone.

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Automatically provide relevant answers from a dynamic knowledge base to enhance the customer, agent, and even bot experience across all channels and platforms.


Every interaction with the self-learning knowledge base continues to refine the relevance of content using both customers’ and agents’ search histories.


Creating, editing and enriching content is exceptionally painless; information can be published in a click and requires no content tagging or programming of concepts.

See how Enghouse Eptica’s Customer Engagement solution can transform how you interact with your customers through email, web self-service, social media, chat and even the more traditional channels such as faxes, letters and text messages.

A conversational, collaborative, cognitive platform

“It was important for us to have a robust solution that could handle high volumes of conversations and enable us to improve productivity so that our agents could focus on personalising the relationship.”

Anne-Sophie Pouyau – Head of International & European Customer Service


The Knowledge Base learns from the way it is used. Every interaction continues to refine and enhance the relevance of content.


Deep-link to knowledge content to enable tighter integration with telephony systems, CRM and other web applications.


Localise your content in 25+ languages to serve your customers in their native language. To deliver a personalised experience.


Choose who views the Knowledge Base. Restrict content for agents and experts and the rest available for customers to self-serv.


Given the growing business importance of knowledge, this whitepaper explains how
to successfully deliver agile knowledge in the current crisis and beyond.

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Enghouse Eptica Digital Engagement Solutions

Email Management

Combining intelligent routing and automatic answer suggestion means your agents can increase their productivity, improve quality and accuracy as well as responding more quickly and consistently.

Web Self-Service

Help your customers help themselves by implementing a dynamic self-service on your website to deliver a consistent, high quality and seamless experience. Use linguistic technology to match your customers’ questions with answers from your knowledge base. Deflect and pre-empt low-value or repetitive queries so that your agents can focus their time on supporting customers with more complex or high-value requests.

Voice of Customer

Vecko is a multichannel solution which easily integrates with all conversational platforms and feedback programs. It extracts actionable insights, with greater than 95% analysis accuracy, helping organisations identify and leverage the “why” hidden in NPS and CSAT feedback. Vecko enables a deeper understanding of customer behaviour, emotions, churn risk, intent and more, helping you to deliver a better overall customer experience.

Intelligent Knowledge Base

Implement a dynamic, centralised knowledge base. Integrate your knowledge across all channels, available to share with your staff and continuously enhanced by all daily through customer and agent interaction. Help to break down silos between channels and teams and share information and resources through a centralised, self-learning knowledge base. This not only improves the experience but also increases efficiency and lowers costs

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Enghouse Interactive is a leading expert in customer communications. The contact centre is at the heart of your business, which provides opportunities to differentiate your company’s service, as well as gain feedback and build customer loyalty.

With over 25 years experience, across industries served, our communication platform is agile enough to efficiently respond to customers from any channel, while providing actionable intelligence to drive ongoing improvement. Our unique omnichannel contact centre solutions offer choice and flexibility. They are also scalable in deployment, size, complexity and integration to ensure successful and effortless customer interaction, whatever your budget.

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